Does Your Santa Clara Law Firm Need a Process Server?

April 21, 2022

You Need a Reliable Santa Clara Process Server

Licensed and professional process servers are a vital tool for your Santa Clara law firm. There have been a lot of attorneys and firms that have tried to cut corners when it comes to the service of legal documents and briefs to their own detriment. We have even seen firms try to use legal secretaries and paralegals to perform service of process. While this may work for some of your less important documents and perhaps for uncontested matters, getting into the habit of doing this would very likely lead to some serious issues for your Santa Clara law firm in the long run. 

A Process server is a trained professional who serves legal documents to opposing parties in a legal proceeding. It’s not just the Plaintiffs who need process servers, but any named party in the case that is filing documents with the court. These process servers don’t just chuck some documents into a mail slot and be on their way, they ensure that the important documents are delivered by hand, to the correct individual, and that all the necessary statutory documentation is completed and filed correctly.

Every state has different regulations and requirements when it comes to the licensing, certification, and registration of process servers. It is important that your Santa Clara law firm finds a process server that is compliant with the requirements of the State of California. As we said before, using untrained or unlicensed process servers can have serious consequences. The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end, being served documents yourselves.

What Does a Good Process Server Accomplish?

Regardless of what kind of law your firm practices, there will always be important complaints, and countless other briefs that need to be filed with the court and served upon all parties in the case. If a formal notice that a complaint has been filed in a case is not served upon the defendant, then that defendant cannot defend themselves in court and is therefore prejudiced. 

If the lawsuit has more than one defendant, then each and every one of them must receive service of process correctly and properly according to state law. It’s also important to note that service of process is not limited to people. Corporations, partnerships, and any other entity MUST receive proper service of documents. It’s for precisely this reason that you need a properly trained and experienced process server on call for your Santa Clara lawfirm. 

After the documents have been served properly, the process server’s job is not yet done. The server must prepare and sign a legally adequate affidavit, that swears under the penalty of perjury that the service of the documents had taken place. This includes where the service took place, and when. If everything has been done correctly, and the service of process has been completed according to the law, there shouldn’t be any issues in court regarding proper service. If you have decided to put your trust in a legal secretary or even an untrained delivery service for your service of process, several errors could occur that may jam you up in court, and just look bad for you in general. There’s no reason to give the opposing side any ammo by offering them careless mistakes to scrutinize.

Common Process Service Errors with Major Consequences  

In most legal proceedings, a hearing on pleading cannot even occur until proper service of process has occurred. If your Santa Clara law firm has made the mistake of trusting this important step to someone who is not properly trained, then there are many different mistakes that can be made. Having a hearing continued is the best-case scenario, improper service of process can in some cases result in a mistrial or even dismissal of a case.

Serving the Wrong Person

It seems like serving the wrong person would be the least likely error someone could make, but you would be surprised how often it happens. Errors like serving someone with the same or similar last name are something a person who is not focused on the job could make. Another issue is that not everybody that is supposed to be served, wants to be served. Far from it, in fact. A lot of opposing parties will go to great lengths to avoid that successful service of process in an attempt to delay a case. If someone who is not trained in the job of process service could be fooled by these resistant parties, service of process could take weeks, if it happens at all.

Failure to Verify

Another common issue that arises is when a person who is tasked with a process serving in Santa Clara fails to verify that the person that they are serving is in fact the correct individual. A lot of people instinctually shy away from conflict, so it’s important to make sure your process server is ready for whatever comes at them.

If they feel uncomfortable, they might prefer to drop a document into a mailbox or slide it under a door and call it a day. Then when it comes down to filing the affidavit of service, they would rather perjure themselves than admit what had really taken place. You don’t things like that mucking up your case. That’s why your Santa Clara lawfirm needs a competent process server who knows the ropes.

Your Santa Clara Law Firm Needs the Best in the Business 

When it comes to your big cases, you don’t want to trust just any delivery service. Here at Aceso Courier Medical Service, all our employees are serious about upholding our duty to you, our clients. We understand how stressful working in the law can be and the last thing you need to worry about is the proper service of process.

We employ members of the military whenever possible to support those who have given so much of themselves to us. Aceso Courier service will continue to uphold the honor and hard work that a military background instills in service men and women. We are not just “clock punchers” here and we will continue to hold on to the values that make our country great with hard work, honesty, and discipline.

Additionally, all our vehicles are electric or hybrid so there are no fuel surcharges that you will have to pay. Call us today and get the best of the best process servers in California.

Santa Clara Medical Courier & Process Server in California

Aceso Courier, located in Mountain View California, is a Medical Home Delivery Specialist and Process Server offering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our medical delivery route specialists and relief drivers are available for same-day route work.

All our drivers are trained to be experts in home medical delivery and medical courier duties. Additionally, we provide stakeout services, court filing services, and process serving; following all California legal requirements. Best of all, Aceso Courier is a green business, utilizing only emission-free vehicles. And did we mention there are no hidden fuel surcharges?

If you’re in need of HIPAA-compliant medical courier services in Santa Clara & San Mateo, or legal document process serving in Santa Clara & San Mateo, please reach out to us. We also offer extended area services in the State of California. Experience the Aceso difference and contact us now. We can’t wait to assist you.

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