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Medical Courier & Process Server in California

No Gas Surcharges! We’re an eco-friendly company and only use electric vehicles.

About Us

At Aceso Courier, we are committed to providing exceptional delivery solutions while fostering opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to empower these resilient individuals to thrive in the world of logistics, serving as a bridge between their skills and the needs of our community.

Rooted in the spirit of service, Aceso Courier is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our unique approach leverages the expertise of our team members to provide comprehensive and reliable delivery services, ensuring that businesses and medical facilities receive the essential supplies they require in a timely manner.

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CA State Approved


Hipaa Compliant

Our Services


Medical Home Delivery Specialist

All drivers are trained to be experts in-home delivery.


Medical Delivery Route Specialists

Relief drivers are available for same-day route work.


Place Deliveries and Orders

Scheduled & processed using HIPAA-compliant OnTime360 software.


Laundry Service Available

Enteral and IV backpacks & pouches.


Process Serving

Stakeouts, court filings, and personal serves.
 – Primary Service Areas: Santa Clara & San Mateo County
 – Extended Service Areas: Call for Distance & Priority Quotes


On-Call 24/7

2-hour, 4-hour, and all-day deliveries available.


All pricing is done on a customer-to-customer basis, taking many factors into consideration. For single same-day deliveries, you can contact us to arrange your delivery and get a quote.

Mission Statement

We stand united in our commitment to creating sustainable employment for veterans with disabilities, empowering them to regain a sense of purpose and independence. Aceso Courier embraces diversity and inclusion, recognizing the value that each individual brings to our organization.

With a focus on innovation and adaptability, we aim to continuously expand our services. From process serving to medical route deliveries and hot shot services for alternate site home pharmacies, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations in every delivery endeavor. By strategically partnering with 503B pharmacies and other healthcare facilities, we are poised to provide vital support to oncology offices and medical centers.

Furthermore, Aceso Courier is dedicated to environmental responsibility. Through the gradual transition to electric vehicles, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices reflects our commitment to both the well-being of our community and the environment.

At the heart of Aceso Courier’s mission is the pursuit of a harmonious work-life balance. We understand that our team members are not only employees but individuals with aspirations, families, and personal lives. Through nurturing a supportive and flexible work environment, we aim to enhance the lives of our employees, enabling them to flourish both personally and professionally.

As we embark on this journey, Aceso Courier envisions a future where reliability, inclusivity, and innovation converge. Our relentless dedication to exceptional service, veteran empowerment, and sustainable practices drives us to push boundaries and create a lasting impact. We are more than a courier company – we are a community united by purpose and driven by passion.

“I needed my legal papers to be served. It was a very stressful and emotional process for me. Adam went above and beyond what was needed.

He coordinated the serving time with me ahead of time to make sure I was aware and not in a way of any danger. He advised me on audio and video recording devices for my own safety and protection. He took the time to just talk to me and it was a great assurance for me. I felt very supported and was very grateful for his service.

When I offered a gift as a token of my appreciation, he was very hesitant to accept it. As more services are becoming automated and the human touch is taken away, individuals like Adam who do their job with dignity and diligence should be appreciated.”

- Zahra

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Aceso Courier hires active and retired military service members!

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