In the legal field of practice, there are a great many things that can go wrong. To be a lawyer you need an extraordinary attention to detail as even the smallest mistake can cost your clients everything. As a lawyer, you are used to double, and even triple-checking every sentence of your briefs and pleadings to the court. Even a simple letter to opposing counsels, if poorly written and misunderstood, could blow settlements that have taken months or even years to come to. So, after all your hard work is done and triple-checked, and ready to be filed, how comfortable are you just dropping it into the mailbox or giving it to some kid on a bike to serve? This is where a trusted San Mateo process server comes in.

How Important is a San Mateo Process Server?

Most lawyers at some time during their career, have had that one case that they will remember forever. Maybe it is something about the client or some of the issues surrounding the case, or even just the near unbearable workload. It’s that first time you wake up in the middle of the night, almost paralyzed by anxiety and worry that you have made even the smallest mistake that could blow the entire case that really sticks with you.

What may surprise you is that most problems that arise in any kind of litigation have to do with improper service of process. Further, a good opposing counsel may attempt to attack any kind of service of process, whether it was correctly done or not. Hiring an experienced and licensed San Mateo process server is the first step in making sure you can get a full night’s sleep during that big case.

Finding a dependable San Mateo process server is more than just hiring someone to deliver some paperwork. If that were the case any mailbox could do the trick. Every jurisdiction has state and local rules and statutes that need to be followed in order for the service of process to be valid in court. An experienced process server will know and understand these laws and local court rules for each jurisdiction that they are performing the service of process in. Even the smallest error in the service of a legal brief can delay a hearing and cost your clients time and money.

The San Mateo California Service of Process Laws

An experienced San Mateo process server will be familiar with all of the statutes and California Codes of Civil Procedure (CCP), that governs Title 5, Jurisdiction and Service of Process, as well as Title 4, Service of Summons, among other state and local laws.

Process Serving at Places of Employment

For instance, if there is a valid workplace address available for the person that is to be served a copy of a summons, then it is possible for the process server to leave a copy of the summons and complaint at the office. They may also leave a copy at a valid mailing address, that is not a post office box, but only if there is a person there to receive the document. This person must be age 18 years or older and must be informed of the contents of the document.

If this happens at a workplace or office after normal business hours, then the service can be held invalid. The Process server must also then mail, via first-class mail, postage prepaid, a copy of the summons and complaint to the very same place that the documents were left with the competent person. Hiring a person to serve papers who is not aware of these rules can jeopardize your case and your reputation.

Process Serving in Gated Communities

Another issue servers may run into is how to interact with gated communities and properties guarded by private security. After all, the average person who arrives at a gated community may not know what to do. An untrained person tasked with the service of process would likely not know the laws surrounding this situation. Furthermore, without appropriate identification, they’d be unable to act accordingly in this situation. That’s why it’s best to hire a qualified, reliable San Mateo process server.

Article 3 states that any person shall be granted entrance to a gated community or a covered multifamily dwelling for a reasonable time period as long as that person is there performing a lawful service of process. However, they have to have proof. Otherwise, anyone could abuse the system. This server must provide a current driver’s license or another form of identification. Additionally, they must have a badge or evidence of current registration as a process server on their person. The code then goes on to detail exactly what a “multifamily dwelling” means. This may include an apartment building, condominium, and a timeshare. However, not a place of public accommodation such as transient lodging. Also, this “multifamily dwelling” must have four or more dwelling units to qualify.

The above regulations are just a few of the laws and statutes regulating proper service of process in California. If you trust someone who is not familiar with the regulations, then you open up your case to vulnerabilities. You’re inviting attacks and scrutinization by the opposing counsel. Any kind of violation of laws surrounding proper service of process could nullify whatever important court document you served. That’s why it’s imperative that you take service of process seriously.

Aceso Courier, the Best San Mateo Process Server

Here at Aceso Courier, we know San Mateo process serving rules & regulations like the back of our hands. Also, here at Aceso, you will not be getting some kid on a bike or a careless clock-puncher. Our staff of retired U.S. military veterans takes this job seriously. They undertake the job of process service with the same sense of duty that they served their country with. We actually care about our jobs and undertake each and every service of process with diligence and dedication.   

All pricing for the service of process quoted on a customer-by-customer basis. Of course, this depends on the place of service, day of the week, and other possible factors. However, there’s great news! all of our vehicles are electric so you will never have to pay a fuel surcharge. Call us today and get the best San Mateo process server in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Medical Courier & Process Servers in California

Aceso Courier, located in Mountain View California, is a veteran-owned & veteran-run Medical Home Delivery Specialist and Process Server. We offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in San Mateo, CA and beyond. Additionally, our delivery route specialists and relief drivers are available for same-day route work, home medical delivery, and medical courier duties. Furthermore, we provide stakeout services, court filing services, and process serving; following all California legal requirements. Best of all, Aceso Courier is a green business, utilizing only emission-free vehicles. And did we mention there are no hidden fuel surcharges?

If you’re in need of a legal document process serving in Santa Clara & San Mateo, please reach out to us. We also offer extended area services in the State of California. Experience the Aceso difference while supporting veterans and the planet and contact us now. We can’t wait to assist you.

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